What is Fitness for Freaks?

What is Fitness for Freaks?



Hi, my name is Sina Mylluks and I’m the founder of Fitness for Freaks. Fitness for Freaks provides you with information how to stay fit while traveling in your leisure time or on a business trip. The focus of this blog is on showing you free options for exercising with locals. Additionally, you will get tips for sport related tours and drop-in sessions you can attend while traveling.

I got the idea for this website, when I was planning my trip to Asia. I was thinking about how to keep fit during my journey without signing up for a lot different memberships or spending too much money on it.

Back in Germany, I spent a lot times with the guys from Parkour One in Hamburg and Parkour Movement Cologne. Parkour One is offering a free weekly training called Hell Night, a parkour-related cardio and strength training. Parkour Movement Cologne is holding a free parkour training every month. That’s why I was wondering, if there are a similar options all over the world. This website is showing you the free workouts, drop-in sessions and sport tours I have found so far.

About Sina

Hi, my name is Sina. I'm travelling around the world at the moment. On this blog I write about my experiences and give tips how to stay fit while travelling.