Biking for a good cause in Cambodia

Biking for a good cause in Cambodia

Siem Reap has certainly a lot of companies that are offering guided bike tours around Angkor Wat and the Cambodian countryside. But among all the commercial providers, I have found the tours of the non-profit organisation Khmer for Khmer Organization (KKO). KKO is offering some really nice bike and motorbike tours. You can find the description of all tours here. The tour fees are used to finance KKO and its projects like providing free English and computer lessons as well as vocational training.

I really liked the idea and I have asked them a couple of questions to get a better understanding of their work:

1. How have you come up with the idea of combing your NGO work with guided bike tours?

When we built up our NGO projects we needed something to finance them and we didn’t want to depend on donators too much. So this is how we came up with the idea of financing our projects with guided tours.

2. Which of your tours is the most popular one and what is unique about it?

As the Angkor Archaeological Park is a big tourist attraction our Angkor Off Road Tour is the most popular tour. The nice thing about the tour is that we try to avoid going on crowded ways and that the tour includes some small and abandoned temples most tourist don’t go to. So our customers will see some main temples of the Angkor area and also the temples which are not that well known. Furthermore, they will get to know the history of the buildings and learn about the uniqueness of the temples. It is also possible for our customers to see sunrise or sunset at Angkor. These are the things which make our tour so popular.

3. What impresses the tour participants the most?

Our tour participants are impressed by different things. It depends on which tour they do. When they do the Angkor Off Road Tour they’re impressed by our way of showing Angkor. They like the breathtaking temples we show them and of course, they are happy to discover Angkor by bike on less crowded ways. Furthermore, they are also impressed by the interesting history and the gorgeous carvings.

However, customers who do one of our countryside tours are impressed by the beautiful landscape, the rice fields and the traditional style of living of the Cambodian people. So there are many different things which impress our customers.

4. What are your future plans for the guided tours? Are you planning to offer further tours?

Yes, we are planning to develop and to expand the variety of the tours we offer. We are for example planning to offer a kanu tour in the future and to increase our motorbike tours. However, we will also renew the other tours from time to time.

5. And what are your future plans for your teaching projects?

In the future, we want to go on teaching a lot of needy children and young adults to prepare them for their future. We constantly improve the learning/teaching conditions in our school and we want our students to take care of the environment. So we develop and improve our education projects at any time and try to do the best for our students.

Do you know other non-profit organisation that are offering guided sport tours? Leave me a message in the comments.

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