Da Lat – the paradise for outdoor lovers

Da Lat – the paradise for outdoor lovers

If you are looking for a good place for an outdoor adventure in Vietnam, Da Lat is the place to go.

Da Lat is located in the southern parts of the Central Highlands only 300 kilometres from Saigon. The city captivates its visitors with a charming town, a moderately cool climate, a peaceful atmosphere and a breath-taking landscape. You can reach the city by bus from all bigger cities in Vietnam. Alternatively, you can fly to Da Lat directly. The flights are very cheap. I got a ticket from Saigon to Da Lat for about 20 Euro.

During my research about outdoor activities in Da Lat, I came across a wide range of different options. Here are my Top 4:

1. Canyoning

When you are getting to Da Lat, everybody will talk about canyoning tours. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t loved these tours. When you book the tour you have two options: A half-day tour and a full-day tour. Most people I talked to did the half-day tour and told me it is more than enough.

Officially there is only one tour provider (Phat Tire Ventures) for canyoning tours in Da Lat. You can find an experience report about the tour with Phat Tire Ventures here. Apart from the official provider, a lot of other companies offer the same tours, but I can’t tell in what way these tours are differentiated from each other.

2. Hiking

Da Lat is offering a lot of options for hiking fans. It is possible to do one of the guided tours or explore the area on your own. One of the favourite hiking destinations are the Lang Biang Mountains. They are located 12 kilometres from Da Lat. If you are planning to go there on your own, you find a lot of experience reports about it like the one from arewetheryeti or timetravelturtle.

3. Biking

Similar to the hiking tours you can find a lot of routes that lead you through the fields, forests and mountains around Da Lat. Lang Biang Mountains are a famous destination for bike rides, too. You can find some suggestions for bike routes on mapmyride.

4. Climbing

For climbing fans, the area around Da Lat has some nice spots. There are guided tours for all levels. At cheapindochinatours and youhateyourlife you can find interesting experience reports about it.

What are your experiences with outdoor sports in Vietnam? Can you recommend any place that is worth visiting?

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