Meditate with a Monk

Meditate with a Monk

Although meditation is not a way to stay fit physically, I would like to will introduce this session. Why? One of the main things you can learn through meditation, is patience (at least the monk who hold the session told me this). And patience is always necessary to become at fit and see your training results.

The session „Meditate with a monk“ takes place every Monday at 7 pm and is free of charge. It is taking place in a private apartment (Soi Thana Arcade), you can reach easily by public transport. Drop off at Ekkamai station and follow the instructions on the meditation centre’s website. There is a logo downstairs, so I you can’t miss it. Get inside and take the elevator to the 7th floor.

When I attended the session I was one of the few tourists, that want to try meditation for the first time. Most people of th eemeditation group are living in Bangkok and are attending the session regularly. This lead to a very familiar atmosphere during the session. However the monk took his time to explain the basics of meditation at the beginning. So you can attend the session even without any meditation knowledge as I did. I really enjoyed the session. It is a good way to get in contact with the local people and culture, Especially, I you want to calm down a bit, I can really recommend to you to go there.

Do you know any other free meditation sessions? Please leave a message in the comments.

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