November Project: Free fitness movement across North America

November Project: Free fitness movement across North America

Have you ever heart of the November Project? I came across the project during my research on free workouts and was quite impressed by their initiative. The free workouts are open to everybody. Regarding the website, the members vary from professional athletes to recent couch potatoes and consist of different exercises like hill sprints or core exercises that can be adapted to all fitness levels.

The both founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric started the first free workout group in Boston in 2011. Since then almost 30 further workout groups have popped up all across North America. The workouts can be found in our Fitness for Freaks workout list. They usually take place in the mornings around 6 am. So, if you want to attend, you have to get up early.

Although the name of the initiative is „November Project“ the sessions occur all around the year. The name comes from a document the founders shared to keep track of their progress. When they expanded the project, they stuck with the name.

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